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Do you believe that ‘Things Happening For A Reason’, a universal power, a sense that life creates its own purpose.

Tuesday itself was fate’s sleigh of hand. The six of us – Salman Abedin, Irfan Kheiri, Zaka, Zafar, Ahmed & myself were all people who had been evangelizing digital on their own in one form of another. I through my articles in Aurora, Pakistan’s leading advertising & marketing magazine, speaker sessions and setting up my interactive division with my previous company ‘Media Idee’, Zaka through his blogs, Ahmed did his final thesis at Indus Valley School of Arts in ‘User Interface Design’ and so forth.

However it was Tuesday which brought us together. Salman used to have meetings with Irfan about setting up his own digital firm on the Tuesday of every week. As luck would have it, we all ended up recommending each other to these meetings and thus was formed the core team which met once a week on these Tuesdays to develop the way forward.What a team it was – MBAs, Technologists, Creatives, Strategists & geeks, all one one platform.

It was in remembrance of these meetings, the amount of creativity & ideas that were generated and the bonding that developed between the core members, that the company was called Tuesday. A fitting tribute to the day that brought us together.

It was Tuesday, 03rd March, 2009 (another sleigh of fate here: 03x03x09), that the company was incorporated. Incidentally our first pitch was on a Tuesday and the first contract we signed with our client was also a Tuesday.

Do you believe in Fate?


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