I was reading an article on ‘Brandweek’s CMO’s Not Happy With Digital today and this line caught my attention.

“What I’m hearing anecdotally is there are now sometimes half a dozen digital agencies and suppliers specializing in social media and search,” Seid said. “We don’t have anyone managing, integrating and demanding best practices in those areas.” Seid envisions a “digital CMO” taking responsibility for managing those disciplines. Said Seid: “That will be the CMO of the future.”

A digital marketing strategy requires a good understanding of the capabilities, resources and ability to differentiate your product and service through the integration of the digital channel, not just one off campaign in a selected medium. To be successful you require an understanding of how technology and marketing can effectively work together and have to encompass cultural, social & technological norms of the masses.

I think with Tuesday we’re on the right track, since we work with media agnostic ideas / content and execute them across different media. Single Idea – Multiple Digital Platforms – The Holy Grail of Integrated Marketing.

No wonder i’m excited.


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