Disclaimer: The following is a personal opinion after watching the launch presentation of the E75. I haven’t used the phone personally.

I was at the launch of the E75 Business Messaging Phone today at the Karachi Sheraton. During the course of the presentation, i couldn’t escape this nagging thought that this phone would have been awesome had it been the year 2005 or 2006 but in 2009, it feels like too little too late.

For those who don’t know… the Nokia E-series phones enable you to manage your business and personal life. With the E75, you can type quickly with the side slide design, check email on the fly and browse the internet in your phone. Users can also easily access personal and corporate email accounts like Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, IBM Lotus Notes Traveler and Mail for Exchange. The enhanced email user interface supports most common features like one-click reply, expanding views, folder support and HTML support. The phone is meant for Enterprise, Consumers and Emerging Profiles. I can understand the enterprise or the consumer segment, but have a problem with the emerging profile though.. Question:- How does a Rs. 39,900 ($400+) phone (more than 6 months salary for greater than 50% of our people) satisfy Nokia Pakistan’s vision of “First Email / Internet Experience Being On A Nokia Device”. Especially given the fact that a Pentium 4 system in our country only costs Rs. 7000 (<$100).

Anyways, the phone is unlike any other enterprise version launched by Nokia – much much different. It supports N-Gage so us corporate types can now seriously waste time with Tetris and Snake, it supports music for those bored times waiting for people to show up however there’s no way to edit office documents without paying extra, so i’m not sure how we can increase productivity whilst on the move. I also really don’t get the 3.2 Megapixel camera, especially for a phone in this price range.


The integration with OVI also left me wondering “Why do i need another email account, that too which i’ll need to pay for in a few years, if not months”. Also, there’s nothing great about OVI in Pakistan at least. I’m already saving my contacts on my laptop & Online, i have a free Skydrive which i can access from any mBrowser, i like Google Maps over Nokia Maps (especially since this feature doesn’t work in Pakistan) and so forth. Nokia  said that they will be giving us more services over the next few months but… I remain a skeptic. Most of the things that they will do for money, i’m already doing for free on my phone. Maybe this OVI service is targeted more towards the emerging profiles, since it’s estimated that only 25% of the population has an email account, so that’s a big chunk of the market still which hasn’t discovered the joys of ‘constant connectivity’.Will that chunk buy an E75 is another matter.

Word of Advice: Don’t lose the phone ever. If you’ve saved your passwords on the phone, it can remote access your PC. Talk about security nightmare.

Net Take-Away: It is my personal belief that Nokia E75 is more suited for teens than corporates. It’s main selling point is aimed at people who are heavily into mobile mail services and multiple IM clients and therefore could use a full-sized keyboard. That’s mostly the youth segment of our country. I think this is why they’ve incorporated music and gaming into the phone too. There’s no Facebook App for it right now though Nokia’s promised to rectify this soon. Why they’re calling it an enterprise phone though, i don’t know?


All in all, i’m not sure why Nokia has launched this phone in Pakistan. It’s nothing like the E71 and especially given the price conscious market that we are, the E55 is better suited for this market than the E75. Messaging / media wise the Nokia 5730 XpressMusic is probably a better buy.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Nokia E75 Launched In Pakistan

  1. Thanks for very good post. Indeed, E75 is not a business phone. As for remote access to PC, recently we got new software for S60 5th phones like N97 and Nokia 5800. This software providing real remote access to PC. Lucky owners of these new phones could check it out, just google for SymRDP.

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