Marcel Fenez, global leader of the entertainment & media practice, talks about why there’s nowhere to hide from the migration to digital, and how the economic crisis is accelerating this process.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

To add to this, a new study from market research firm TNS and digital marketing firm Eyeblaster concludes that the digital era is blurring the line between channels designed for branding and those that trigger consumer action. The study, based on a worldwide survey of 400 marketing executives involved in branding, advertising and media buying and selling, was conducted in March.

“The common misconception among marketers is that brands are built offline and response is driven online,” the study contends. However, data from the survey suggests that “all media channels share a dual role: brand and response.”

With digital creeping across the media landscape the line between online and offline is becoming very blurred. It’s no longer either/or with respect to branding versus response. All channels will do both.

The PWC Outlook supports this trend and findings.

Here’s to a great digital future. 🙂


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