Saad Khan was an employee of RBS (Royal Bank Of Scotland) was tall at 6′ 2 inches and termed very good looking by those who knew him. He was known by his friends for his love of the thrill. He lived in Gulshan Iqbal and participated in the show not because of money but for the challenge.

Initially he had been disqualified from the show after a few days of shooting but was then called back again on a wild card entry. This time however death claimed him because of lack of safety equipment.

Initial autopsy reports in Thailand suggest that he pulled a muscle whilst competing in an under-water challenge. At the time he had some weight tied to his chest as part of the challenge and could not make it back up. He was under water for about 6 minutes, during the time which the Indian production team from  ‘Working Hands Productions’ helplessly watched on.

He was 31 years. He is survived by his eldest girl who is 7 years, twin boys aged 5.5 years and the youngest, another boy who is just a year and a half.

It’s sad our local media still hasn’t uttered a word on the subject, whilst Unilever Pakistan and Mindshare Pakistan still haven’t acted in good faith towards the family and nation.

If you would like to see a picture, you can look it up in the obituary note on page 14 of August 23rd, Sunday’s Dawn Metropolitan page. You can contact his friends at any of these numbers:

Moiz Wali Khan 0300-2722882
Asif Javed 0321-2417677
Babar Jumani 0300-8214919
Imaad Wali Khan 0300-2289833


31 thoughts on “About Saad Khan – Participant Who Died In ‘Clear Six’ Reality Show

  1. I was a Part of this show and would like to tell every one that he was like my elder brother and i can never forget his memories. The days we spent together he was a very caring person and a real man who was ready to face all kind of challenges. we Love u Saad bhai and ur still alive in our heart. ALLAH aap ko jannat ul firdous mein jaga ata farmaye.

    1. you were with him there? can you contact me? i am NOT a family member or friend from Pakistan.
      If you can tell me a few things, i can prove who i am. 100%
      This is NOT a joke or a scam.

  2. It was very schoking to know that the production was there but didnt do anything to save him i think they shud b charge for murder

  3. Well i know this guy’s family personally i was still there in U.S with his first cousin and her family who couldn’t stop shedding tears while the news broke up within the family it was such a touchy moment he was really popular amongst his family members they couldn’t believe a person like him is just gone a tall handsome good looking personality of his had charisma’s of its own on everybody may god bless his soul and he rest’s in peace ,!

  4. I was apart of this show too and i would like to tell all these people who claim that he was killed are talking shit there was safety equipment provied and there were divers also there. He was like a brother to me i miss him alot and respect him too. He was a stong man and very caring one too. He was very close to all of us and wat ever u all are sperading about the way he died is untrue because i was there and i saw every thing for myself and nobody was to blame. We all new wat we were doing wen we enrolled and took the risk and especially wen we refused to wear the life jackets they provided us. Saad’s death was a great tragedy and we wish it hadn’t happened but there is no use getting into a blame game.
    Saad was the most popular of all the contesttants and everyone loved him and i dont think that he would have liked to hear all this nonsense. Instead we should remember all the happy days we spent with him.

    1. @Turab.

      Please do let me know one site which is claiming he was killed. I have found none. We know there was safety equipment there, the contention is why didn’t it or the divers present able to save his life. Why did it take ‘professional divers’ later to bring his body back up to surface. Wasn’t any of the divers there a ‘professional’ diver?

      The second thing we’re contending is why was the story hushed up and why was it broken now so late and now that it has, why the ‘Spin’ on it.

      Part of the understanding of joining a reality show is that the person is taking a risk. Fair enough. However the company and the production company has to ensure that in no form whatsoever a tragedy takes place. Nothing in the legal world covers you for the death of a participant. If the stunt was so dangerous that life-jackets were recommended by experts, why were they made optional than by the production team? Why was the pond so wide or long that it was impossible to find the body for half an hour. Didn’t anyone notice when he was drowning or where? According to reports it was only 8 feet of water. Shouldn’t have been that hard to find him in just ‘8 feet’ of water…

      So can you tell us Turab whether you’re in Thailand right now or Pakistan and do tell us what you saw with your own eyes.

      As for this ‘nonsense’ aspect that you’re highlighting….. I think he would have liked his family taken care of and the real truth to be revealed as to help future participants in shows. Don’t you?

    2. you were there with him? can you contact me? i would like to know a few things. I am NOT a reporter,family member or a friend from Pakistan. & no one wants to tell me anything.
      I DO NOT want any trouble or bad press for his dear family to suffer, Just a few answers…
      If you can answer a few questions, that you should know if you were really there with him, things he told me & you would know..
      then i can prove who i am 100%
      & your right. He would have hated all this bullshit.
      take care.

  5. Please join the Facebook Group, Say NO to reality shows, For MUHAMMAD SAAD KHAN

    Basic Info
    Name: Say NO to Reality Shows
    Type: Common Interest – Beliefs & Causes
    Description: Reality shows around the media world have become very popular. In a quest to make thrilling, adventurous and exciting programs the producers, sponsors, directors, media managers, risk the life of un-trained & un-skilled participants.
    This is a pure act of playing with a precious human life. This facebook page marks a start of a campaign against all such entities who organize and sponsor such events for cheap publicity & monetary kick backs.

  6. Mr. Turab Ali Ramzi,
    I am Saad’s second cousin from his father’s side and I have something to say here. Unilever didn’t even acknowledge his death to his family. WHY? No doubt everyone was enrolled at their own risk and like you said there were “enough” safety equipments provided then why couldn’t anyone save him? Have you ever heard of anyone dying in a reality show? NO! right? Now when he is gone who is going to take care of his kids? We are not spreading the news! We are just trying to make people aware to stay away from these cheap kinda shows. Infact, I think instead of saying all this you should stand up and speak to the people responsible of this incident, to do something for his family. So please if you can do anything to help his family. GREAT!! If you cannot then please mind your own business.

  7. It is rather unfortunate that this incident happened. Question is, where is the video footage of this accident? Shouldn’t the family be provided this by Unilever to support their claims of an accidental death?

    I didn’t know Saad personally but we had several mutual connections. May Allah bless him and forgive his sins. May He grant him a place in Jannat-ul-Firdous. May He give his family the strength to bear with this monumental loss. Aameen.


  8. I just heard about this incident today, and I am really sad that the news channels and other media is all hushed up about this. I m really sorry for the family, it is a tragedy for such a young person to leave them.
    And I believe Unilever should provide the family for damages, its their Corporate Social Responsibility. They bull shit about it so much in their Financial Statements, and its amazing they cant even own up to their publicity goof ups.

    Lets hope Allah gives this family peace and a good life, and Saad a good place in heaven.

    PS: How can a common man help in this situation, i m feeling so bad, i was uninformed uptil today.

  9. Hi this is Saad Khan From London its said to hear about this kind of shits!! Actually i just browziing on Google and I just type my name & suddenly I saw that saad khan died its really sad hope his family & friends peace & Good life.

    Have fun !

  10. people were paid. People were hushed.
    I guess you CAN put a $ price for a mans life.
    In any matter,
    I have done something that took just a few moments of my time & is showing some results.
    I printed Saads story & pic on small note cards & placed them near some of Unilevers most popular products here in stores where i live,
    (such as Sunsilk shampoos)& followed up on some & found many products still on the shelves with dust on them! They are not selling… & that is my intention! It may be a small thing to do & i am thinking of some other things as well… But i know Saadi deserved justice & MY voice can NEVER be hushed.

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