MI Digital & Anne French Presents – What’s In A Puzzle Slider Game With Kareena Kapoor

Anne French Kareena Kapoor Slider Puzzle Game

In an Industry first, MI Digital, Pakistan’s pioneering digital agency & MI Gaming, Pakistan’s premier branded games studio, network companies of Media Idee Group recently launched their first branded game for Anne French, Pakistan.

The game based on the slider puzzle adds a social gaming aspect to it by challenging friends and peers of the player to compete together.

Anne French Kareena Kapoor Slider Puzzle Game

Games have become one of the best main-stays on social networking sites as people have turned to them to kill time ­ and brands of all stripes are starting to play along.

The Anne French Facebook game can be found by clicking on this image below:


Last year the social gaming industry passed the $1 billion dollar mark  fueled largely by brands integrating social games into their marketing strategies. From in-game advertisements to entire games built around name-brand products, engagement through games takes on multiple forms and presents unique opportunities for marketers – on and off the computer.

Anne French’s game venture is a first because aside from facebook at http://www.facebook.com/annefrenchpakistan, the game is also available on iOS and Android markets via mobile game apps specially developed which allows one to compete with friends from any device – web or mobile.

Kareena Kapoor and Anne French App slider puzzle

Social gaming is more than a buzzword; it’s a business opportunity and the Media Idee group of companies are developing such for their clients.

Available for Android 4.0+ from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.AnneFrenchPuzzle.

UI for Cloud Computing

I had a sort of epiphany whilst going through the LG Arena emulator regarding the future of cloud computing – the term refers to Line Of Business (LOB) applications or Software As A Service delivered over the net.

Googling the net came up with this link by Mr. Shankar Bharadwaj and Cloud Computing. He postulates that Silverlight and HTML 5 will provide the technologies to power the interfaces of cloud computing.

Building up on this further, my epiphany was that we can use gadgets / widgets as front-ends for the different web-services and like the Flash UI itself, have multiple screens based on our requirements e.g. business could be one of the screens, entertainment another and so forth.

This UI will be independent of platforms, OSes or technologies, so virtually you’ll be accessing the same interface whether it’s on the desktop or mobile phone.

What do you think?